Female doctor examining an elderly patient.

Not Every Patient Needs a Hearing Aid

The Doctors of Hearing Healthcare have often encountered patients that worry about making an appointment for a hearing test because they think that means an automatic trip to the hearing aid side of our practice. We want to assure you; that is not the case. Our interactions with you are medically based. Our responsibility is to evaluate your condition and suggest appropriate solutions.

So, what kinds of problems do we see in our population?

Impacted Ear Wax

Impacted ear wax can cause hearing loss. We have seen patients that had normal hearing after the wax was removed from their ears, although many people have remaining nerve related hearing loss. In certain circumstances, when the ear wax is not badly impacted, we can remove it for you at our practice.

External or Middle Ear Infection

Our visual inspection of your ear canals also includes consideration of the health of the ear canal. Sometimes a hearing test reveals a hearing loss that will respond to medical treatment. Wouldn’t it be a shame to live with a hearing loss that can be resolved with medicine because one fears wearing a hearing aid?

Conditions of the Ear That Require Medical Evaluation Before Hearing Aids Can be Fitted

There are signs and symptoms that we encounter that require us to refer you to a physician for medical assessment. If you have a sudden onset of hearing loss or your hearing is more seriously affected in one ear, these warrant a medical evaluation. We must consider your health and well-being first and then work on improving hearing.

Of course, we have many patients that come to us and do need hearing aids. For the Doctors of Hearing Healthcare this is a process of identification and rehabilitation of hearing loss. Hearing aids are a prescribed treatment for hearing loss that help to avoid the effects of auditory deprivation, strengthen the memory and improve the patient’s quality of life.

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