A heartwarming “I love you” from your grandchild. Leaves rustling in the spring. Rain bouncing off the rooftop. Your favorite music and television shows. These are the sounds you’ve grown accustomed to and should never be without. However, at some point in our lives, most of us will experience hearing loss. But a surprising fact is that it takes most people an average of seven years to do something about it. Which means the only thing standing between you and the chance to improve your hearing and your quality of life is, well — you.

Licensed audiologists Dr. Leigh Ann Tackaberry and Dr. Aami Molloy can help you recapture the sounds you’ve been missing. Leigh Ann and Aami have over 75 years of combined clinical experience. They have completed advanced training in many areas relating to hearing science, so you know you’re getting the high level of hearing care you can trust. In addition, they are members of some of the most respected organizations in their field, including the American Academy of Audiology. For a comprehensive evaluation, schedule a hearing test today at Doctors of Hearing Healthcare.

Leigh Ann and Aami have the expertise and advanced technology to ensure that you get a thorough hearing evaluation and the right kind of hearing system. One that fits your unique lifestyle and, most importantly, one that you feel comfortable with. You can trust Doctors of Hearing Healthcare to provide you with the compassion and personalized care you deserve every step of the way.

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