AGX Hearing Aids

What is AGX?

AGX Hearing is more than hearing technology — it’s a comprehensive approach to care. Our experienced providers and attentive staff offer unparalleled service and care to bring you the world’s most advanced hearing technology.


Why AGX?

Exceptional Value

You get a hearing care experience focused on you and your hearing needs. Our comprehensive 5-step process includes:

  1. A conversation with you about your better hearing goals
  2. An evaluation of your ears to ensure any hearing loss isn’t caused by, for example, debris or earwax
  3. Hearing tests
  4. A discussion of the technology options that would work best for your unique situation
  5. We verify the effectiveness of hearing aid technology before and after your fitting.

We want to empower you to make the best, most informed decision possible about your hearing care.


Reliable Service

We provide a verification, protection, and validation plan that ensures you get the most out of your hearing care throughout the life of your devices. With the AGX Protection Plan, you get:

  • A 45-day adjustment period
  • Exceptional follow up care for the life of the hearing aids
  • 3 years of complimentary clean and checks
  • A 3-year warranty and loss/damage insurance

Plus, we belong to a nationwide network of private practice providers who can service your hearing aids, should you find yourself on vacation or on a trip and in need of service.


The Best Hearing Technology

Working with the world’s best hearing-device manufacturers, we curate a selection of technology in a variety of styles that represents the newest, most effective options for optimizing your listening lifestyle.

Because we shop around for you, it will be easier than ever to get the latest features in an affordable hearing aid device. Learn more about hearing aids by reading on below.

Hearing Aid Styles

A middle aged man smiling while talking on the phone in a cafe


A patient getting fitted with hearing aids

Custom Hearing Aid Fitting

Your listening lifestyle is key to how we determine our technology recommendations. This describes the amount of background noise you encounter daily. A business executive needs a different level of technology than a retiree.

To help you learn more about how we can help you find the best hearing aids for your unique needs, read more about lifestyles and custom fitting.

Hearing Aid Fitting


Real Ear Measurement

When it comes to helping you hear your best, it’s important to achieve accurate settings within hearing devices. That’s why we incorporate the Real Ear Probe Microphone Fitting System (REM) into our hearing aid programming.

If you’d like to learn more about the value you get from this process, feel free to read on below.

Real Ear Measurement

A patient getting her hearing aids verified with real ear measurement

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