Patient Testimonials


“Dr. Leigh Ann grasps my problems and addresses my concerns. She is friendly and works with me to ensure that my hearing aids are programmed to meet my needs. With my hearing aids, my world is bigger and brighter.”

—Erv S.


“A friend told me that Dr. DePalma would be patient and answer all of my questions. She was sure if I came here to get my hearing aids, I would be happy. She was quite right! You are so kind and always make me feel welcome. I love my new hearing aids.”

—Barbara T.

Dr. Tackaberry fit me with new Agil Pro power hearing aids and saved my marriage. My hearing loss caused so much angst and frustration in our marriage. Now The TV is quieter, and we can have conversations again. she spent extra time explaining my hearing loss, and how to here with hearing aids.”

Carl, M. of Rockford, IL

Dr. Tackaberry was very kind and professional. She took extra time to make sure that I was comfortable with the hearing aids and happy with the improved hearing. I am able to enjoy conversation with my friends and family.”

Mary J. of Belvidere, IL

“I got the hearing aid that solved most of my hearing problems. I got a great fit. Very professional service!”

Bill B. of Mt Zion, IL

“Dr. Janet and staff made it a great experience! They cared about my hearing loss situation, and said they could help. I love my hearing aids! I can finally hear sounds I haven’t heard in years! I would definitely recommend Dr. Janet to everyone. She is always pleasant and helpful.”

Garrett H. of Caledonia, IL

“As a first time hearing aid user, I was concerned because many of my friends after spending thousands of dollars on hearing aids, don’t use them. Dr. Tackaberry took the time to make sure that I was comfortable with the care and sound quality of my hearing aids. Initially my hearing aids were softer, but I adjusted rapidly. Dr. Tackaberry used technology with small microphones placed in my ear canals to verify that my hearing aids were set appropriately for me. Thank you so much Dr. Tackaberry! I really enjoy hearing my family, friends, and sounds of nature.”

Martha R. of Roscoe, IL

“The Doctor was exceptional. Best hearing aids I’ve owned. TV sounds great. I can actually hear at board meetings, and while dining with clients.”

James N. of Rockford, IL